gas engineering service and support
Gas Engineering Service and Support

We are providing the total engineering service not only designing and constructing gas storage and supply system but also providing the suitable menu of periodical maintenance and check-up in order to use gas safely and efficiently for a long period by our customers.

Designing, Drawing, and installing various gas storage and supply system
Installation Tank for LPG gas
Installation Manifold LPG
Piping & Tubing work

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Vaporizer for LPG
Air-Heating type vaporizer for LPG
This type vaporizer is environmental-friendly type and energy saving type without using
electricity, and has advantages as follows;

・ No CO2 emission
・ Gas supply possible during failure of electric power supply
・ Lower running cost without using electricity and water
・ Several control system
・ Simple maintenance
・ Higher durability
・ Longer useful life
・ Japanese standard

product specification  
Electric type vaporizer

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Maintenance & Inspection LPG system
Operating Certificate for LPG storage system (DOEB)
Training for Gas handling
Maintenance Request